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This life changing class presents biblical, practical steps to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend wisely, save and much more. You will need to order the 1 Yr. Access FPU kit at daveramsey.com for this class.

Wednesday | 6:15pm | Room 548


We are convinced that life is better together. This class will put you in the same place at the same with other people who are looking to jump into a small group and will help get your shared life together started off on the right foot. Cost is $8 for the book. Contact adultministry@mthorebumc.com for more information.

Wednesday | 6:15pm | Chapel

Wonderstruck Women's Bible Study

Do you ever feel like you’re going through the motions of faith? Sometimes we do and say the right things, but our hearts are far from God. We lose our sense of holy awe. In Wonderstruck, Margaret Feinburg invites you to toss back the covers, climb out of bed, and drink in the fullness of life God intended. This 7-Session study will meet off campus at Turner’s Point Clubhouse. For more information contact adultministry@mthorebumc.com for more information.

Thursday | 10:00 am | Turner's Point Clubhouse

Military Support Event

Come join other military families for fellowship on March 25 in room 121.

Sunday, March 25 | 10:45 am | Room 121

You Asked For It

Starting April 11, this 3 week class will cover topics suggested by YOU. Email adultministry@mthorebumc.com with “You Asked For It” in the subject line and then tell us what you would like us to cover. The topics of each class will then be selected and discussed together. For more information contact adultministry@mthorebumc.com.

Wednesday | 6:15 pm | Chapel


The sermon isn’t meant to be the last word, but the first word in a conversation that happens after Sunday morning worship is over. CONNECT is a great drop in Sunday morning class where you will have a chance to connect with some other people in the church and discuss the previous week’s sermon. For more information contact adultministry@mthorebumc.com.

Sunday | 10:45 am | Chapel

Pastor's Study

Join the Mt. Horeb UMC pastors as we journey through a book of the Bible. For more information contact adultministry@mthorebumc.com.

Wednesday | 6:15pm | Sanctuary

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