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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will slowly be opening our doors for events and classes to take place back on campus.

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Women's & Co-ed Interest Groups

Art of Marriage - Co-ed

Beginning September 14
Led by: Justin & Sally Brown

Marriage is truly an art. Whether you’re just about to begin, or have been working on your canvas for years, we believe that with continued effort and God’s grace, your relationship is bound to become a masterpiece.

Zoom link will be emailed out upon registration.

Monday | 7:30-8:30 PM | Zoom Video Call

Bible & Art Journaling - Women

Beginning October 2
Led by: Connie Maberry

Bible & Art Journaling is an exciting way to engage with Scripture. It can transform the way you spend time in the Word and it all begins within the margins of the Bible. If you're new to Bible & Art Journaling and want to learn more about it, come join us. We will start with Colored Pencils, Pencil & Tracing and move on to Gelatos, Inktense, Page Pep, and other mediums.

Zoom link and material list will be emailed out upon registration.

1st & 3rd Friday of Every Month | 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM | Zoom Video Call

Birding - Co-ed

Led by: Grace Marie Ward

Come together with other nature lovers and get outside to discover the beauty of God’s creation. We will specifically be looking and listening for birds as we hear and see what makes each one unique. As a group we will discuss basic bird ID and some tools that will help us in that process. I am still a beginner, but fell in love with birding during Spring Migration in 2019. This group is for anyone new to this hobby or for someone with a lot of experience. All are welcome as we learn together.

We will pick four Friday or Saturday mornings throughout the Fall semester where will will meet from 7:30AM - 10:30AM in different locations throughout Columbia.

Four Outings TBD | 7:30-10:30 AM | Location TBD

Blessed Bakers - Women

Beginning October 2
Led by: Jennifer Baldwin

It is said the kitchen is the heart of the home. I grew up baking with my mom and find such joy in trying new recipes and sharing them with friends and family. I am a hobby baker; by no means a professional. But with a teaspoon of time, a dash of friends and a heaping cup of love we can bake and learn together.

Zoom link will be emailed out upon registration.

One Friday a Month | 10 AM - 12 PM | Zoom Video Call

Cancer Support - Co-ed

Beginning September 15
Led by: LeRyiah Arant

For the last five years, until her passing in April 2019, I served as my Mom's caregiver and healthcare advocate. My mom was diagnosed with Glioblastoma brain cancer in January 2014 and became a participant in the Polio Clinical Trial at Duke University. She was a medical pioneer and fought a courageous battle until receiving eternal healing on April 7, 2019. My Mom lived and loved a life with cancer, but never defined by it. Our family continues to advocate for and support the brain cancer community. I believe the Lord created us to live in communion with Him and to live in community with one another. I am passionate about creating a safe haven for people to genuinely come as they are and find authentic Christian community to call home. I believe we must be intentional about creating community while having the willingness to be vulnerable and to "go first." You do not have to be a member of Mt. Horeb UMC to attend. Whether you are newly diagnosed, in remission or a cancer caregiver, you are encouraged and welcome to participate.

Zoom link will be emailed out upon registration.

1st & 3rd Tuesday of Every Month | 6:30-7:30 PM | Zoom Video Call

Cards and Games - Co-ed

Led by: Joyce Hazelton

Our group is for everyone who enjoys Christian fellowship while playing various cards and games. It is a great time of fellowship and we have a devotion at each meeting. We meet at the Sterling Bridge subdivision clubhouse by the pool while the weather is good.

Tuesday | 2 PM | Sterling Bridge Clubhouse

Cross Stitch - Women

Beginning September 10
Led By: Leigh Johnson

My obsession with thread began at such an early age that all I could do was hold and admire it. At 10 I begged to be taught to cross-stitch by my older sister and I’ve been holding needle and thread for the last 42 years! It never ceases to amaze me that little tiny “x’s” can come together to make a beautiful creation. Sounds a lot like what God does with us, doesn’t it? I would love to host a group where we can share the love of cross-stitch, needlepoint and/or hand embroidery along with fellowship and prayer.

All levels are welcome!
Zoom link will be emailed out upon registration.

Every Other Thursday | 6-7 PM | Zoom Video Call

Entrusted | Special Needs - Women

Led by: Beth Heaton

We are a group of ladies who are blessed to have special needs folks in our lives. We seek to honor God and grow in His word while supporting each other in our daily lives. We would love for you to join us! Email Beth for more info or to get involved.

Day, Time & Location TBD

Faith Group - Mature Women

Led by: Peggy Como

We are a mature group that meets during the day and we usually have a program. We are the lead in knitting/crocheting prayer shawls for those who are ill or have lost a loved one. We make health kits for Veterans and women in shelters and we send cards to shut-ins.

This group is currently not meeting. They will begin when groups begin meeting at the church in the future.

Date, Time & Location TBD

Financial Peace University - Co-ed

Beginning September 13
Led by: Jennifer Baldwin, Kim Hawkins, and James Carter

No more money fights! With Financial Peace University, you and your spouse will learn how to create (and stick to) a budget, save for emergencies, and make a plan for the future. Doesn’t that sound peaceful? This call will be via Zoom. If you’re interested in learning more, email Amy Platt by clicking the button to the right.

Zoom link will be emailed out upon registration.

Sunday | Time TBD | Zoom Video Call

Friendship Group - Women

Led by: Frieda Areheart

We are a group of women who come together each month for fellowship and devotion. Each month we have a mission focus and bring items for that mission. We have supported the Families of Hope at Lexington Baptist Church for foster children, LaVie Pregnancy Center, birthday bags for Mission Lexington and several other missions to. We also send college packets during exam time to our college students at Mt. Horeb.

Day, Time & Location TBD

Grateful Threads - Women

Beginning September 8
Led by: Rachel Booth

I'm excited to be leading our interest group of quilters - both beginning and experienced quilters. I'm a self-taught quilter and sewist, and I love the opportunity to share in this craft with others. Quilters are some of my favorite people! My hope is that this group can be a place where we can share quilting tips and tricks, our latest projects, experience handwork & have sewing time, eat (because what's quilting without snacks?!), pray, and share with each other the love and comfort of Christ.

Zoom link will be emailed out upon registration.

Tuesday | 5:30-6:30 PM | Zoom Video Call

The "Guitar Pull" - Co-ed

Beginning September 13
Led by: Bill Black

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, I have loved the traditional music (country, blues, bluegrass, and gospel) that I grew up hearing. The songwriters and session players in Nashville had what they called 'guitar pulls'. These were just 'get-togethers' where they would share the music they were making with their contemporaries for feedback and just 'to hone their craft'. I have always loved playing and sharing music in that way! This group is for anyone who likes to play, sing, write, and / or listen to traditional music played on traditional acoustic instruments.

Day TBD | 7:30-8:30 PM | Location TBD

Hope Group - Women

Led by: Beth Heaton, Brenda Reid and Sally Garner

We are a small group of ladies, mostly over 40, who love the Lord! We love the bond of Christian friendship that is shared over our lifetime as members of this group. Our group shares in the personal prayers for each other and life circumstances, we share a bond and central purpose of Christian Women community. Our mission, in addition to sharing our love of the Lord, is to reach out to our Special Needs families with our support of Respite care and involvement with Special Needs activities. We also support the Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry of the SCUMC.

This group meets once a quarter. Specific dates will be communicated to those upon registration.

Meeting Time and Locations vary | TBA

Jars of Clay - Women

Beginning September 8
Led By: Sheila Redford

The medium of watercolor captures my heart, and the GIFT of creativity is quiet unless it is shared. Openings for 8 participants. We will meet in my garden, weather permitting, with masks on and 6 feet socially distanced.

Supply lists and address will be emailed upon registration.

Tuesday | 10 AM | Sheila's Garden

Prime Timers - Co-ed

Led by: Frank Banks & Jerry Wells

This is a new group for seniors that will be meeting on Zoom until it is safe to meet in our homes. We will be studying God’s word and getting to know each other so that we can draw closer to God and each other.

Zoom link will be emailed out upon registration.

Every Other Wednesday | 7 PM | Zoom Video Call

Rooted in Faith & Family - Co-ed

Beginning September 9th
Led by: Rachel & Edmond Booth

Our new small group is designed for families with younger children! We will be meeting virtually to begin with. Our group is designed to be an ongoing small group. We will be getting to know one another, studying together, having fellowship, and helping one another grow towards a deeper maturity in Christ.

Zoom link will be emailed out upon registration.

Wednesday | 8:30 PM | Zoom Video Call

The Sarah Group - Women

Led by: Nancy Turner

We are a group of women with a heart for mission who prayerfully support the missions of the church and community as well as international missions. Meetings provide an opportunity for service, spiritual growth and fellowship. We love, support and pray for one another. We welcome anyone to visit or become a member of our group.

Zoom link will be emailed out upon registration.

4th Monday of Each Month | 7:30 PM | Zoom Video Call

Tethered Together - Co-ed

Led by: Tom Reke and Sam & Diane Thomas

We believe that life brings us many challenges, questions, and disappointments. Life is always “better together”. As we go through life, we believe in staying tethered to God’s word and others who are pursuing a deeper relationship with God. We are looking forward to an intergenerational group where older folks learn from the younger folks and younger folks learn from the older folks. Email Sam for more info or to get involved.

Day, Time and Location TBD

Young Adults (18-23) - Co-ed

Led by: Anthony Indovino

Young adults age 18-23 will meet socially at a place to be determined each week. Please follow @mthorebya on Instagram to stay informed of each week's location.

Day, Time & Location TBD

Young Adults (24-30) - Co-ed

Led by: Anthony Indovino

Have you ever wondered how to get connected with other young adults in a Christ centered environment? Please join other single young adults ages 24-30 for a monthly social outing. Information with specific dates and times will be provided. Please follow @mthorebya on Instagram to stay informed of each month's location.

Day, Time & Location TBD