While families and friends all gather together to celebrate the great joy and hope we have in Jesus’ birth, Mt. Horeb is also celebrating a great homecoming. This Christmas, we’re coming together as a church to continue our call to see every name in every nation know Jesus personally. On Christmas Eve, we’ll be taking up an Advent Offering to directly support two local and international ministries dedicated to sheltering, caring for and ministering to victims of sex trafficking.

A portion of the advent offering will go toward our local ministry partner, Lighthouse For Life, as they seek to open their safe home and shelter victims of sex trafficking. As one of only two safe houses in South Carolina, Lighthouse For Life is engaged in a vital area of ministry and we want to see this safe haven open and see victims of sex trafficking rescued and restored!


Another portion of the advent offering will go directly toward Bethel Outreach Ministries, our international ministry partner in India. By God’s provision and the financial generosity of the Mt. Horeb family, we were able to secure land in India for Bethel Outreach Ministries to open a second home for child victims of sex trafficking in Kolkata, the world’s epicenter for human trafficking. This year’s half of the Advent Offering goes toward constructing a large, multi-story building to serve as home for even more child victims of sex trafficking.

We’re proud of Lighthouse For Life and Bethel Outreach Ministries and the great work they are doing to see every name know the love and hope in Jesus Christ. Prayerfully consider getting involved and generously giving to see these houses turned into homes for victims of sex trafficking. To learn more click the link below.


Rejoice: Songs for a Weary World

Nothing captures the essence of the Advent season quite like song. When you begin to hear carols playing in stores and on the radio, you know Christmas is right around the corner. But why do these songs of old capture us like they do? It’s because these songs that we sing year after year are a part of an ancient song that has been sung over us since the beginning of time. The song of God is a song for those who are powerless, those who are caught in darkness, those who are in need of salvation and those who long for the songs of heaven. So join in the song of the Savior as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This Advent sermon series begins on December 2nd.

All is Bright

Every year, our worship teams come together for an exciting musical experience where we celebrate the Christmas season at Mt. Horeb. It will be filled with your favorite seasonal songs, as well as, exciting new pieces that will draw your heart once again to the beauty of Jesus’ birth. Join us at one of our three performances in the Auditorium: Saturday, December 8th at 7:00PM, Sunday, December 9th at 9:00 and 10:45AM. There will not be a service in the Sanctuary on December 9th. Our Kids programming for kindergarten-5th grade will enjoy the musical with their families in the Auditorium.

Christmas Eve Services

Join us for one of our 5 services:
1:00PM Traditional in the Sanctuary
3:00PM Contemporary in the Auditorium
5:00PM Contemporary in the Auditorium
7:00PM Traditional in the Sanctuary
9:00PM Contemporary in the Auditorium

There will be nursery provided for children 2 years and under during the 3:00, 5:00 and 7:00 services.