10:10 Bridge Afterschool Program

10:10 Bridge is not a daycare, but exists to transform lives!

This program represents a unique partnership between New Providence Elementary School and Mt. Horeb. School staff identify and nominate children to participate.

10:10 Bridge is committed to providing spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and academic support for children in our community with a complex and diverse set of needs. Each day the children receive a hearty snack, recreation time, and academic assistance.  In addition, each week provides new opportunities through life skills classes, academic curriculum-based activities, and Bible teaching.

How can I serve?

Programming takes place throughout each school year on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons. Join us for the 2019-2020 academic year! There are many ways to serve including: being a mentor, driving van transportation, leading life skills classes or committing to pray for an individual child.

High School students can serve as Student Leaders in a mentoring capacity, while adults can serve in any of the volunteer positions above. Contact Ellen Stewart to apply.