Join A Team To Encourage Our Schools

Covid-19 continues to challenge all of us. We lament and pray for God’s provision, healing, comfort, and strength. And while we have all suffered to some degree, those working in our schools are experiencing constant turmoil as they seek to serve their students and our community. Because our ministries to children and youth are well-known in the community, we feel compelled to come alongside those who are working on the front lines in Education here in Lexington. It is because of the generosity of this congregation that we are able to provide outreach ministry like this to shine the light of Christ as a beacon of hope and encouragement in this strenuous time.

We have a 3-fold plan to bless our schools:

  1. We will provide refillable water bottles to students who are unable to provide one for themselves, so that they can use the filling stations while the water fountains are closed. We are working with a contact in the District Office to identify the schools that have a need.
  2. We will provide funds to send a mobile coffee truck, The Coffee House, to schools in Lexington School District One so that teachers and staff can enjoy a free cup of coffee curtesy of Mt. Horeb. The Coffee House will visit each of the 30 schools in our district over the next few months, serving each school with a one-time free coffee experience.
  3. And finally, we need your help to mobilize teams, known as “Snack Brigades” to provide schools with shelf-stable, individually packaged snacks to refresh the teachers and school staff while offering notes of encouragement. Our Snack Brigades will provide ongoing encouragement throughout the school year. 

Would you prayerfully consider joining one of our Snack Brigades, where you’ll help your team assemble and/or distribute snack baskets?

CLICK HERE to join a Snack Brigade! This link also has more details on how the Snack Brigade works.

Snack Brigade Collection – October 10, 2021

This season has been a challenge for us all, but especially challenging for the faculty and staff at our community schools. We want to be an encouraging presence in their lives, so we will be providing baskets filled with snacks and inspirational messages to the schools in our area! We need your help in collecting any snack items that are shelf-stable, store-bought, and individually wrapped. Bring them on Sunday, October 10 to the marked areas on your way into church that day. If you are worshipping online, feel free to drop off donations under the Breezeway any time that morning from 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM. We are excited to rally behind our schools as a church in this way.